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Why Chiropractic?



Dr. Leba has a passion to help others improve the quality of their lives. As a student athlete, he long ago recognized that the first step to good health lies in a person’s ability to maintain an active life-style. And, a large part of maintaining an active life-style results from being able to be physically active, without pain.


Unfortunately, as we begin to suffer the aches and pains associated with today’s sedentary life-style, we start avoiding physical activity. Then it becomes a downward spiral; the more pains we suffer, the less we feel like being active and, the less active we become, the more aches and pains we feel.


Dr. Leba chose a career in chiropractic as a way to assist people in achieving the balance healthy living requires.  He wants to help folks live longer by relieving some of the unnecessary pain and suffering life throws at us all. 


Additionally, Dr. Leba is seriously committed to providing his clients who need it with sports rehab services, designed to enhance or recover an athlete’s skills and abilities, though a balanced application of chiropractic and healthy life-style maintenance.




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